Cat 3
– Their Spit will make you blind.

Cat 12
– When they pass your window every night, it means your Ancestors are watching you.

Cat 4
– When you look into their eyes you will be enchanted/bewitched.

Cat 13
– We as Nigerians are just afraid of animals.

Cat 9
– There is usually no light in the Night (NEPA) so when they stare at you, their eyes would be glowing and the light switch will betray you.

Cat 7
– Lets be fair tho, Nigerian Cats are actually facing the recession, so cut them some slack, their face deserves to be scary.

Cat 10
– Cats are not recognised as animals by the gods/idols e.g sango, amadioha, ogun, orunmila etc. unlike snakes and the likes looooooool.

Cat 11
– Nigerians usually feel that Cats are their Kinsmen sent from their Village to greet them, loooooool!

Cat 8

Cats are just innocent animals that may look scary but are so cute at the same damn time.

Cat 5

So when next you see a Cat, pls don’t run, enter your house and come out with a basket, some small pillows and take that Cat in and shower love on its head. Leave the running away to me abegi! looooool!

Cat 2

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