Whenever you’re on social media, you notice people coming together for good, you literally almost feel the enthusiasm, but immediately your vision leaves the screen, the atmosphere of “reality” begins to dawn on you “truly this is a really wicked world.”

Suddenly all the metrics and statistics on social media begin to become meaningless.

Is everyone on social media just simply a hypocrite?

Are there just few people using it, as compared to the real roadsters?

Is every commenter just one single person, multiplying into different personalities, just to make it seem like “a shit is given”???

Where are all those people who were making promises online just “a few posts ago”? Why does their impact only breathe and pump its blood in the comment section?

Where are all those really thoughtful and good people hiding?

Is anyone even searching for them? Are they even searching for themselves?

Why can’t these “bad people” just unmask themselves and stop backstabbing evil?

Tears shed everyday! But no one to wipe it away, the hand that carries a handkerchief has now changed it’s profession into a “fake promise ‘I dislike’ typist”

No one really cares if you point out the fact that you hate rapists, that fact has “zero effect.” We need a society filled with people who will care more about the victim’s well being, making sure “the survivor” is actually “surviving,” instead of shifting the focus and joining the “I hate rapists” trend.

Is it enough to hate the rapist? Does that really change anything?

Why don’t we tap into that same “hatred energy”, use it to reach out to a victim or a survivor, and shower them with so much love, so much love that their happiness stops being an illusion.

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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