Anyone ever notices this empty feelings that intrude in our heads and manipulate our thoughts, most especially when we actually have tangible reasons to be happy?

Most times I feel our minds are usually the boss of us and to take back full control of the steering wheel would require constant work and daily meditation.

A lot of us, are usually of the opinion that we can work together with our minds as partners, but most times the mind always has a way of attaining dominance.

If you fail to put your mind in its place, it will make you its slave

Sometimes you are just drifting and then your mind begins to release these negative thoughts, thoughts that have no single relationship with your actual present day and how it’s going!

It then convinces us into believing these thoughts and when we succumb which most times we do, because unfortunately not many of us are self aware enough and mindful enough to filter these thoughts and resist their behavioural consequences.

The thoughts then begin to turn into a perception and when you begin to view your life, your situations, your existence from a pair of lens recommended to you by your poisonous mind, you begin to feel pain, viewing life as a whole, begins to hurt.

But the most painful part of this predicament is that the more you view yourself and the world around you from the dark lens your mind feeds you with, the more the hurt begins to fade and your perception starts manifesting itself into your reality.

When this happens, you begin to cling helplessly to hope, the awareness of the innate power you possess to create magic out of every journey in your life starts camouflaging itself and the delusion of self misery as the destiny of your life and the illusion of your all your stars hidden somewhere in the afterlife suddenly becomes your true purpose.

At this point, your body and your will becomes a commodity, an expensive commodity you feel you are not even worthy to have unless a “miracle” or a “divine intervention” takes its cause.

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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