“Madam, how much for this bottle of groundnut?”

“N250 my dear!” 

“Oya give me N150 make I dey go” says the buyer, with a demanding voice

“Ahan, Ah, Oga please now, Oya bring 200” her voice dropping in pitch and the sadness of the turmoil of the day begins to reflect in her voice.

“Madam, I sabi other sellers oooh! You want make I no patronize you again?”

“Owk bring am!” the madam finally bows down to the buyers demands and begins to remove change from her purse, pondering on how many “last price” she has had to deal with since the cock began to crow and her waist began to row to stack up her groundnuts for the show.

Anyone here knows about the word, “Empathy”? 

Empathy has to do with putting yourself in the shoes of someone else and trying to see things from another person’s perspective, harnessing how they feel and meeting them at the point where they are. 

When next you see a roadside seller, a trader or a service man/woman who obviously doesn’t seem as privileged as you are and has potentially had a worse day than you’ve ever had, try not to laud over their cries, don’t forget that the price they call out for you might be the only little profit they plan to take home and use to feed their families. You don’t need to always feel cheated, because most times the extra money you get from “the last price” really doesn’t go into anything tangible, you most likely will spend it on candy by the road side or it will fly out of your pocket.

Remember, when you go to Shoprite, Spar or Best Buy, You don’t price, so for once allow the roadside seller smile when accepting money from you, because deep down when you see the work they did for you, your conscience actually knows that they deserve a better pay! don’t keep devaluing people’s work just for your own short term gains.

Could Empathy Be Lacking In The Average Nigerian Consumer?

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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