In a world full of poverty, insecurity and unstable homes, The American Dream seems to be the befitting dream to drown in at night and fantasize about while brushing off your cavities and staring at the dawn background tracing your destiny, plotting the graph of your future amongst the dim stars.

Wait! If you actually imagined a Nigerian Man brushing his teeth, then you are 99.9% right. In a country where almost every single ideal has been westernized even down to our religious beliefs, it is expected for one to always fantasize about the dreams of the same land where their beliefs are being rooted.

Every typical Nigerian spends the majority of their lives waiting and dwelling on the moment when they will eventually obtain visas and leave their fatherland, and many of them further their plans with the promises of green cards so that they may never return.

The illusion keeps being fed, until the “body” remains roaming helplessly in Nigeria and the “will” keeps looking through the airport windows, staring at the American skyline. When your dreams and hopes don’t stem from where you currently exist, then how do you want your hustle to grow into that vision, no matter how far you dream, the actual hustle still has to happen on the land where you currently exist, whether you hate it or not! that is where your fruits will grow!

Sadly, even the Nigerians only chose to follow the nightmare of the American dream, the selfish, narcissistic ingredients of the dream is what we chose to ingest before entering into our dateless sleep mode.

Rank et al. argued that the hopes and optimism that Americans possess pertain not only to their own lives, but to their children’s lives as well. A fundamental aspect of the American Dream has always been the expectation that the next generation should do better than the previous generation.
  • The Nigerian-American dream will always stress the importance of things remaining unchangeable, constantly reminding the current generation why they should never think outside the box, create their own world and be better than their predecessors but will encourage them to do it the same way their elders did it, further stressing on the saying “During my days, things where not like this, what is happening to this children of nowadays”.
  • That same generation and “golden days” they keep praising never left the current generation with any tangible progress to hold on to, not even “hope”. They sold us all the dirty fabric which the country of Nigeria proudly wears to every global gathering, smelling all the way across the dinner table and causing the air to be riddled with the ineffective paradox articulated from her every word.

When any Nigerian elder ever pulls out the “during my days bullet” never forget to load your pistols with the “what exactly did your generation do?”

Honestly if not drain the nation of its vast resources without the birth of any viable infrastructure, then I don’t know what else their generation did. The same ridiculous moral, religious and societal beliefs that are robbing us all of our futures were still cooked and spiced up in their generation. They never fought or resisted the foreign control mechanisms but rather adopted them without questions and caged most of the present generation with the same mental enslavement, tossing what’s left of our history into the graveyard.

So when they want things to remain as they were, do they desire for us to never break free from the mental enslavement sold and packaged to us by the foreign powers as an illusion to replace the unattainable prosperity and inverse-progress we definitely seem to have.

  • I am blessed in the spirit but at the same time my present is filled with so much idleness, regressiveness and void of decision making to actually propell my life in sync with my environment forward.
  • I am born for greatness, and I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me, but I have never for once took a stand for my life and made an actul decision to better myself.
  • A society where we equate religious elevation to personal elevation. Where we myopically believe that adhering strictly to the doctrines and code of conduct sold to us in our religion actually makes us better humans and rids us off our inner demons.
  • A society where everyone upholds “systematic prayer” which on most occasions doesn’t even apply to their personal struggles in life, but just fuels their loyalty to their doctrine which is manned by million dollar corporations and family empires, synonymously referred to as the “body of christ”. The christ created by Men, the same “white jesus” everyone seems to be worshipping and not the Jesus who has always been your twin brother/sister ever since you were born!
  • The same society where everyone neglects personal meditation because they have been told when you’re born again, Christ will do all the work for you and that you’ve automatically been saved, forgetting that personal discovery is a fruit of every Man’s daily hardwork and is more concerned with your peace in the present rather than the “promised peace” even Jesus desires you to have your paradise now, but you must seek it spiritually and not through any doctrine sold to you by Man who desires Empires to be built on your “absence of essence”.
  • You enter a golden church filled with so many blessings but you leave and return back to your neighbourhood filled with so much turmoil, and yet no one asks why the religious blessings never manifest into anything tangible but always remains in the “hope” and “it is well” stage.

While other countries are focused on the present, we as Nigerians are more focused on the “afterlife”.

The Nigerian Dream is eternal life (You can’t make your country better when your main focus has always been on the afterlife! Even the same Bible says that where your heart lies, so shall you!”

“Just sit back for a while and digest this! If all the Nigerian Christians have enough faith to receive the blessings of God, how does God even want to bless us when the opportunities, foreign exchange and wealth of the nation is just not enough! Or will He come down with Bacco Bag and start sharing money on the express?”

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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