the three musketers

It has been a pretty eventful week in the Nigerian Political sphere and I’ve had an evenly busier weekend searching for information regarding this topic, Today, we will be talking about how humane our Religious leaders can be regardless of their spiritual positions.
Note that this article is entirely one’s subjective analysis and opinion on the subject matter, it is neither a hate speech or intended to shame anyone.

It came as a surprise to many seeing Dr David Oyedepo, Founder of the Living Faith Church in a closed meeting with Two-time President Olusegun Obasanjo and the PDP Presidential aspirant Atiku, hmmmm. Now, let’s not forget that Atiku is also a convicted criminal in the United States and is banned from going to America, the grand central of the world due to his run of the law when he sent $40 million in suspected funds via wire transfer and through his wife Jennifer Douglas between 2000-2008 see here for more

Obasanjo himself is no stranger to stealing money, I mean he’s a political godfather and If I may, the father of modern day politics in Nigeria. He too had his fair share in the spoils when it was found out that he too was one of the benefactors of the Malabu Oil block Sale (Quick reminder that Obasanjo and Atiku are meant to be sworn enemies as Atiku was even mentioned in his book as regarding the animosity between the due from 1999-2003).

Now, to the man of the Hour, Dr David Oyedepo, hmm where do we begin, a father, a founder, a religious leader with a strong flair or rather interest in politics. It would not be Oyedepo’s first involvement in political affairs as he fondly talks about the state of the nation, the political bruhahas sucking the nation dry and what now. Yes, Oyedepo may seem to have good intentions at heart for Nigeria, yet in my opinion he fails to properly communicate with the leadership of the day (openly making threats to the Buhari led administration and the likes), but come to think of it, in all of four years since Buhari got into power he never had a sit down with him to explain all the reasons why God disapproves of his leadership, rather, he resulted in openly bashing the government of the day which contradicts Hebrew 13: 17, 1 Peter 2:13-17, Matthew 22: 21 and Mark 12: 17.

Lets not even talk about the issue of Oyedepo buying jets while the nation underwent a tough spell of economic depression, he also had some issues with the Law after a court witness told the court that he was ordered to send 35million naira of the stolen 19.7 billion naira from NIMASA click here for more

Now we are at a meeting point, Obasanjo, Oyedepo and Atiku under one roof discussing the fate of the nation, its rare to see a more corrupt duo in the same room reaching a compromise and with Oyedepo also in their midst, it speaks a lot of volumes.

For one, I’m never in support when pastors get involved in politics as politics especially in Africa Is largely a bloody system where most politicians are only motivated to making as much wealth as they can for themselves while still starving the larger public.

Logically speaking, Oyedepo seems to have sponsored Atiku for his bid for the presidency seat, we can assume that the 2019 elections will be anything but fair and we can suspect that the money used to sponsor Atiku will be used for the regular buying of votes and all. It may even go further to be used in killing innocent souls all in the name of one’s greedy ambitions-that’s what the church money will be used for, the killing of the innocent, for bribery and for more corruption.

Now for an argument, Buhari has been largely criticized for all of his failed promises since the beginning of his administration and his somewhat “insensitivity” to the plight of the masses. The big question is yes Buhari has failed largely but then what has the church done in the bid to make things easier for her members, the poor majority in the church are even poorer and the middle class are struggling heavily, while this is happening the church still gets another jet. It would seem to me that the church would
generally benefit from the failings of the country but rather than use that/those monies to help better the lives of the majority poor within the church, they’ll rather get another aircraft totalling 4 in the name of global outreach.

The prayers without works as we all know is dead, we call the youths the leaders of tomorrow but we do not equip them with the facilities to live a stable life but rather encourage them to Hope. If the church takes up little programs to help get members and assist the government-programs like exploring the natural resources (Ogun state has wood and timber so why not set up a work station for the masses to work and earn a living while also improving the nations GDP while directly improving the lives of the
masses rather than giving them bags of rice every three months).

Yes, I know a lot of people will argue that it is not the church’s job to function as the government but I dare say that the church is part of the government and that’s why you see politicians making a good rapport with the church heads before elections so as to better their chances of winning. This therefore makes the church just as responsible as the politicians in the ruining of the country.

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