Scripted Voices

                                             Chapter 1: Stop Crying! Leave Him! Stop Boning! Leave Her!


Stop crying! Leave Him, time heals them heartbreaks especially the ones done by fuckboys/fuckgirls (Ow! you girls thought you were exempted). You have a purpose that is even bigger than yourself. You have millions of children waiting for you to come to their aid, their rescue and your busy there crying over one boy that is probably controlling booty in one local bar around the corner.

Sometimes I hear when people, especially guys say “Stephen, I love her so much! she is my whole world”. Yeah Yeah Yeah! tears rolling down my face! It’s true because the moment she dumps him, the next day the same guy is chilling on some Costa Rican booty in the club! Not so much for a whole world abandoning you!

I’m still wondering how you were able to locate the club since your whole world abandoned you! and then sometimes you hear them say it’s the heartbreak and that they are trying to forget. Taaah! if you really wanted to forget you would have just simply taken two tablets of panadol extra and slept, easy peezy! Infact after three hours of sleep you might wake up with partial amnesia.

Women/Ladies, let me tell you guys a secret. A prince charming, that same Guy that you people are looking for, see! he is also looking for a princess-charming! Do you think he’s looking for Chioma or Mabel or Annalise or Mirabel or Josephine or Bella Rose? You think that it’s only you that like good thing?

So, let me ask you this simple question? How do you now think he will ever find you when you’re primary focus now is not on becoming a princess-charming but is on finding your invisible prince-charming?

Let me answer, Imposicant! Rather it will definitely be one passer-by, one stranger on kingdom-wide tour that will find you in your confused state and use you and do tour guide, when he is finished with you, he will board the next available bus to his destination.

Ladies! My Fellow Men are you a Tour Guide?

Don’t get me wrong, in life tours are expected to make you a better human being and better ready for your prince charming, but take note, it is healthy tours and not unhealthy tours were the touree/tourer would have used you to draw the map of his next destination before he/she throws you like tissue paper.

So, what is the subject matter of all these so far. It is one word “Independence”
Ladies, Men, striving for independence should be your main chick, your main bae because that is the only thing that will qualify you for your prince/princess charming.

One very key quality of every prince/princess is independence and no true prince/princess would settle for less! Instead of looking for your prince, with independence in integrity, your princess, your prince would be the one to search and find you and don’t be afraid that he/she may not see you, there is no way you will pass a dark forest and not notice the very shiny piece of rock lying on the plain grass.

Nobody is saying that while on this journey you should go and do team celibate, it’s ok to have fun and bumpy rides to your independence.

This is a brand new Waterybeans Exclusive. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to tell us what you think and share.


Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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