My Journey Through The Raped Highway

                                                                              Chapter 1: The Trigger

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I was going through my Instagram feed when I saw a post that triggered Me to read through the comment section.
Rape on Instablog
I eventually kept scrolling and finally landed on a very intriguing comment that opened up my mind and stirred up some very deep thoughts. The comment read thus;

“While we rightly condemn rape for the atrocious and diabolical act that it is, I think we should also step back, re-look and re-adjust the societal framing that works to empower rape so much against the victims that they take their lives. Let’s be honest, rape, as bad as it is, should never be honoured with suicide. Why? Because there are several, indeed a plethora of experiences, that are worse than rape to which no one takes their life after experiencing them. One of such is the death of loved ones or your whole family even. Do you kill yourself after that or society teaches you to buckle up, accept life and the unfair hand it deals? The point is, we empower rape and inversely glorify it to the point in which victims become sufferers of the fate apportioned rapists by law, often times more than offenders themselves. That is, a rape victim is more likely to commit suicide than a rapist is of being convicted and executed. This shouldn’t be and starts with us. The problem is not in condemning rape, we do that a lot. The problem is working to find ways in which rape is not seen as the end of life, as the very worst thing in the world because it is definitely not. Men are repeatedly raped, maybe not as much as women but the problem exists with men as well. Almost every guy I know was molested as a child, did they grow up to be suicidal, mentally depressed and paranoid? No, they handle it better because the same society adjudicates their case with a different approach, an approach that does not empower rape in their own case. I know women can deal with this problem better. I know they are mentally just as strong as men if not stronger. Death is an inexcusable outcome of rape and for everyone that leaves this world as a result of it, is one more reason pointing to the glaring fact that we have failed as a society” @anthonywolve on a post on @instablog9ja

I digested these words and let go of all emotional and sentimental judgements that I would have originally laid on him, all the cliché moves suddenly became very unnecessary and I replied with this;

My Response to @anthonywolve on @instablog9ja “You just made really deep points here Man! I totally understand you, but you have to forgive the females, it’s really hard for them to just reason things from this view and it will take a while cuz trust me, they are on the danger lane more than men! but you coming from the angle of society is very new and shockingly brilliant, a lot of us usually apportion blames instead of using that energy to find lasting solutions to the problem, it’s almost like we care more about laying our anger and disgust at the offender so much that we neglect our roles in the lives of the victims and fail to empathize with them further adding more problems to their trauma like degradation and emotional-mental stigmatization. We should passionately ensure punishments to rapists but at the same time not forget to save the life of the victim cuz if the victims keep committing suicide and being life-long depressed, did we really win this battle? Isn’t the life of the victim supposed to be more important than the punishment of the offender? when society comes together to lift your pain, you will be shocked at the immense progress you will make, no matter what you went through! but a lot of us fail to see that because we are more concerned on laying curses that most likely won’t change anything. In the end society in most/many cases still ends up being responsible for the final blow to the victim’s overall well-being. Love You Man! I hope you really take these studies further and use it to make actual impact on this recurring glitch in society and humanity called ‘Rape’. “

Although I had my doubts and disagreements with his opinion, I could not dismiss its relevance and I became motivated to do some findings or at least scratch the surface of this issue that has been waging war on society ever since we Humans inhaled our first breath of oxygen.

Many questions began to pop up in my head and I needed answers, I needed to at least for once not only condemn but provide remedies, in this study I will be asking these questions and we all will hold hands and walk ourselves through this thorny road called “Rape” while using a camera to watch the guardians called “Society”.

New chapters will be updated every two-three days, support this study by sharing this post to as many people as you can, cheers!

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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