“Is Half Bread better than None?”

“Half Bread is better than None” of course when you’re hungry, this is one of the statements someone can make to you, sure why don’t I just manage half of that loaf of bread you got there? I guess I should listen to every beat and follow my heart, which pretty much tells me that it’s better than my stomach being empty?

But in the real world this statement always happens to come during our weak moments, that moment when confusion just bagged its PhD and just applied for the job of a life coach in “your life”.

Lemme get practical with this, in my life, personally, the bread statement usually comes beating around my eardrums whenever I am having problems submitting my assignments or projects in school. We are usually in a group, rushing, copying ourselves and trying to make the best use of all the available shortcuts at our disposal.

Copycat 1
Halfway Through and all of a sudden, as if it was destined to happen, someone just strolls by with his/her own half-baked work and admonishes us on how we need to just let go and present the little we have so that we avoid imminent failure.
Confused 1Now, this thought process and way to life is really positive logically because think about it, why risk not getting any scores, when you can at least present the “utter nonsense” currently in your possession and at least get the minimal score allocation, in the end it’s still a plus right?

Confused 2

But critically looking at this trend, there are a lot of deficiency that comes with its practice, like the dominant mediocrity that spells itself out whenever you succumb to the desires of settling halfway.
Perfection is like an illusion, but at least it’s worth chasing, what the half loaf of bread entails is the self appraisal that supports laziness and gives room for the justification of the absence of dedication.

Hungry 3

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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