Cupid 2

The truth is we all need somebody. We all need a shoulder to cry on. We need someone to look us in the eye and tell us everything is gonna be alright. We can often lie to ourselves that we don’t need shit or we’re good all alone but guess what life is better when we have someone to hold our hands in hard times and cheer us on in good times.

Cupid 6

Truth is we’re all scared of being left alone, scared of unreciprocated love, scared of disappointments and so we’ve learnt to bury our deepest pure feelings in a dark corner away from the world, away from those we genuinely care about us. We constantly try to assure ourselves that we’re just trying to protect our heart when in reality it’s really our fears that’s holding us back.

Cupid 8

We need to learn to love fearlessly, to embrace our true emotions and express it every way we can. We can’t keep running from something that defines us. Say whatever you feel, be real, love and be loved cause then you know you’re not living your fears !!! If you keep living in your fears, someday everything you’re running from will eventually end at your doorstep. Love is all around us we just need to start embracing it.

Cupid 10

Written by yemiololade

Hi I'm Yemi Ololade. I’m a hopeless romantic,I love life and I am an absolute self lover.

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