“Madam, don’t worry, I feel your pain, believe me, things will get better”.

Whenever life throws us an upper-cut, why do we keep trying to wait it out? Why do we think we can wait out suffering? We keep laying helplessly in the tunnel waiting for the light to come to us.

The sad truth is that in the end when we keep waiting out suffering our hope begins to dry up and the ever strong feeling of miserableness begins to slowly creep in and then tricking us into thinking that we were destined to be poor. We then lay our beds comfortably, fix a pillow case on our pillows and relax well in our abject poverty blaming life and the government for being unfair every-time our eyes open to the Sun everyday.

There is this mentality a lot of people have, they feel that the more you suffer, the more the universe should have a heart and pity your misfortune and that the next day will just be rosy all of a sudden. The more they channel their thoughts towards this direction, the stronger their hopeless hope grows.

When they try to eventually come out from pitying themselves, they get forced back by the lies and tales they hear about people who just woke up one morning and hit the jackpot, forgetting that even the luckiest of people took some risks at some point in their lives (even if the tales were true, what’s the probability that you will be next in line out of the other 7 billion people moving around the universe every single day?)

There are some tricks that many of us have consistently failed to apply in our hustle, here are a few below:

  • There is no rest once you begin hustling, once you have gotten tired of poverty and you make that choice to get up, there are no breaks, any day you choose to slack might just be the day your own jackpot passes you by.
  • When a mission you target fails, it doesn’t mean that your decision to hustle was a waste, you have to realize that your eventual success is a cumulative of all your missions and targets, one can’t do without the other (even a mission with a minus is very crucial in arriving at your cumulative)
  • Make an adventure out of every hustle, the fact that you see your journey to the top as an adventure is what will keep you going, even when life throws stones at you, you will still maintain your happiness and most likely enjoy dodging the stones.
  • Work smartly, sweating everyday doesn’t necessarily mean you deserve to be economically rewarded. Is your sweat solving a problem, is your sweat part of something great, are you always re-evaluating your sweat and looking for ways to innovate it? In the end, the person in your neighbourhood that jogs every morning still sweats, but do you think that guarantees him/her any extra financial reward from life?
  • Strategy is so much of a key! You can’t wake up every morning and just head out to work without assessing any new way you can approach the work of the day. If you keep toiling the same way you have been toiling for the past eight years then be prepared to remain in your poverty. You may toil longer, but without a strategy in place the impact of your overtime might as well be almost equal to zero.

Never let the religious perspective of hope deceive you into waiting out your suffering and looking for comfort spiritually (in the end even the wealthiest of humans are still searching for spiritual comfort but that never disturbs them from the daily grind to keep making the world a better place). Stop believing in the cliché definition of hope, derive your own definition that will motivate you in the right actions. The ideal hope, is the hyper consciousness of a person to view the future as a product of their current steps and actions and decisions, and not as the masked illusion that the world makes us believe it is and wants us to hold on to. Hope is the conscious effort of distinguishing illusion from reality when looking into the future for answers to our questions.

Nobody can make our world better, except from ourselves! avoid passing your burden to people who already have their own separate missions and expecting some kind of sympathy from them in the end simply because you seem unfortunate.

You need to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your ideologies, the universe doesn’t care about your belief system or the Church you worship at. It only operates on the rules of the game and we are all players, the fact that other people don’t play the way you play and view their world the same way you do doesn’t disqualify them or reduce their chances of beating/winning you in the game. Do not allow your belief system (religious or superficial) brainwash you into thinking that winning is your destiny or birth-right or entitlement. As far as the universe is concerned, your fate is just as random as any other hustler out there trying to find his/her own path.

Avoid relying on excuses to vindicate yourself from pity and give yourself the answers it has desperately searched for to arrive at why advantages in life have been unfairly distributed. Giving excuses will never ever, never ever pull good luck your way, like I said before, you are only just a random person, the universe doesn’t care why you are unfortunate, all it wants from you is to get the job done.

The government can never be close to perfect, they will always seem selfish, because they are a far-cry from your daily encounters with hardship and they can never understand your plight. Learn to suck it up and be your own leader, be the government you have always been wishing for, at least for the sake of your nearest community, try to stand up tall and lead the people around you to that change you constantly seek from the government.

All these points above are just a portion of the many reasons why we must break far away from that backward statement “things will get better”. We are the things and the better Us = better Things.

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Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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