Written by Olatomiwa BabalolaSalisa 1

Exactly when things seemed like they couldn’t get any most exceedingly terrible for Nigerian football and its initiative, at that point the country’s most loved game was hit with the disclosure that Super Eagles right hand mentor Salisu Yusuf had been gotten on camera getting a detailed pay off of $1,000 from covert specialists.

The expense may have been generally insignificant, however Yusuf’s demonstration – apparently affecting the group determination choices for the 2017 Wafu Cup and 2018 African Nations Championship for his own diversion, are a glaring arraignment of the territory of Nigerian football today.

Typically, social media life has been swirling, with numerous denouncing the activities of a man who is exceptionally regarded in Nigerian football circles and hasn’t been affirmed to participate in such practices previously.

What Salisu Yusuf demonstrated is just insatiability i.e. Greed

He has endeavoured to shield himself by saying that he assumed the money was a blessing and not a rupture of the FIFA morals code, but rather getting $1,000 (equal to 365,000 Naira) for player determination is shocking, even before considering that Yusuf is accounted for to acquire three million Naira multi month as essential salary so as to put the country’s best advantages first.

Hmm, your thoughts on this issue???

A reputable Nigerian coach collecting a CASH gift in the sum of around 1,000 dollars and “assuming” it was a gift (inserts emoji here)


Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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