Time has increased its rent in Nigeria; everybody In nigeria is cluelessly moonwalking

Nigeria is facing a lot of rot in almost every sector and the possibility of moving forward is running far from our reach and guess what, we aren’t even chasing it.

Let’s quickly dive into this via the busiest Nigerian State, Lagos.

Lagos is so congested that you can literally breathe in the air in your neighbours apartment, in Lagos you can smell a fart from the next street and begin to question your roommate. Your neighbours perfume can act as an air-freshener for the whole street, this is how congested Lagos is, you can literally hear through the headphones of your next door neighbour.

Breathing in and out consecutively on the roads of Lagos without being interrupted by the smoke of a Trailer, a Commercial Bus or the Generator hiding around a corner at your back is a mystery.

You walk by the roads to take a stroll and you’re intruded on by a squad smoking all sorts of ingredients, sometimes you can smell maggi while passing and the substance they are even smoking tends to become an anonymous aroma. You quickly move far away from the scene only to realize that there are five generators puffing a huge blunt and having a very noisy conversation around you, they roll out huge rods of smoke and buzz along with their crude feelings.

All of a sudden you become a Maze Runner and you begin to tip toe across the concrete partitions that the gutters choose to share with pedestrians, smelling all sorts of manure and trying to avoid stepping on the rats you apparently share the road with.

So many Nigerians fail to realize how small Lagos State is (I won’t be surprised if it’s one of the smallest states in the world by size).

The bad road networks that has engulfed every nook and cranny of the state has deceived a lot of Nigerians into thinking that Lagos is big. In a developed country (Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland) states of similar sizes as Lagos are commuted even with Bicycles and still the riders clock in earlier than their counterparts in Nigeria for that important appointment.

The scary part of this insane amount of time the average Nigerian looses everyday is that even with all the bad road networks, the roads are still dangerous and so you will have to drive in slow mo just to get through further stealing your already deficit time.

You will think it doesn’t get any worse until you realize that this same country Nigeria lacks transport facilities like high speed trains and adequate Taxi’s, so in the end we are all trapped in this backwardness as Nigerians, indeed catching up with the rest of the world, even with our true selves keeps becoming more of an illusion every single day.

While other countries are moving at their own pace and constantly working on faster means to quicken that pace, we in Nigeria are struggling to catch up to our own pace, we are just randomly living life in this country, nobody cares about the future, everyone is still trying to at least survive.

Everyone is doubling up, but we are moonwalking, not in the very stylish Michael Jackson way but in the snake running away from an alligator kind of way.

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Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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