Diary of a shuku shaker

Now my consciousness is engulfed with uncertainty, filled with fear and the vibrations of doom, my every reaction is catalysed in ultra slow motion.

I and my battered mum are still in trauma and even the voice from the bushes seems like a pint of hallucination. The Man still maintaining his role as a predator, but this time it was already too late, Mum and I had long abandoned our conscience, we were no longer preys, we became snakes, death no longer scared us, our only fear was not having a clear chance to strike.

The Man took a step forward and as he closed in on us, the more our venom dripped through our skin, we were so filled with rage, our respiration could suffocate the remaining life from us, our poison could kill it’s host.

“Anybody out there?” a macho voice hailed from the tall grass field, windows shuffling, dancing to the melodies of the dusty wind, my eyeball rolling towards my mum, my mum’s eyeball receiving the baton and rolling towards the windows, we had to make ourselves believe that our helper was outside, we needed to gather as much hope as we could.

Exactly five seconds passed, the Man immobile, I and my Mum glued to the cracks of the foundation of the cabin, the voice fading away, even the echoes could be heard no more.
If my mum wasn’t going to take the lead, I was going to, an attack was our only option, and sometimes a daughter must leave the arms of her mother and be born again, we were done crying to our Father in Heaven, it was time to give The Father a show.

The Man began to drool, he was ready to feast on us, and for the first time I and my Mum were actually snacks, filled with the jelliest of jams, dripping endlessly with caramelized sauce.

We were just Women, he was a Man, Nature seems to be on his side, but not today, today nature has to be put on probation, feminism has to be given a standing ovation.
But reality has to take what belongs to her, our brains were the only upper hand we had against the Animal and for the first time during our capture I and my Mum saw nothing but a lower animal, a substandard human being.

Windows making screeching sounds as the wind blew fiercely, I tried to ignore and face my eyes on the prize, a butcher about to chop the head of his game.

The more I tried to ignore the more the windows beckoned, crying out loud for my attention, hinges loosening, finally I got the message, the windows were my allies, the sharp edge of the hinge was my weapon and it was a deal of a weapon.

I stretched my hand slowly towards the windows, taking even slower side steps towards the ammunition, my hand was the finest of guns. The more I reached in, the more the Man’s eyeballs rolled, scanning through the insecure sneakiness of my Mum and I.

At this point, I had to make a decision, move slower than his Scans, or move faster than his attack. I decided to take a dive, the rules of the game was no longer my concern.

My eyes making the target, my body, my muscles, my mind already taking the dive, it was left for reality to complete the transaction, but there was an interruption, the Man was suspicious, my eyes drifting away and making it’s return back to the weapon, the Man’s eyeball was the perfect escort, he knew! I had to act now or never!

I took the dive, and the Man took his ego, I was on the air, but I couldn’t help admiring his beastly speed, he was so quick and stupid.

My Hands securing the weapon, the Man’s hands reaching for a grip on my pedicured legs.

I was so terrified, but I had the weapon, I could make a strike of fury!

Finally my Mum’s relevance had to be displayed along with her cleavage, as the Man’s hands gripped my legs, my mum was piloting her landing, this landing had to be a crash.

Booooom! the Man’s head smashing deep into the cavities of the cracked wooden floor, a flashing blood fountain consumes the atmosphere as the thorns of the floor bit through the Man’s skull completely burying half of his sight beneath the vegetation of the foundation.

My Mum’s Butt made such an impact that it bubbled for an extra five seconds after the crash, my Mum was a canon ball!

Blood flowing across my arm as I tightly gripped the window hinge, burying its edges beneath my fingers.

I looked into my Mum’s eyes and fell on my knees once more, tears rolling through our line of vision in perfect harmony. We were free, we won!

I crawled unto my Mum’s feet and laid my broken neck on her jelly laps, her hands smoothening my wet cheeks, rolling through my battered face, I wrapped my arms round her waist and we lifted each other up. Limping gently, our hands supporting our shoulders, we longed to embrace the knob-less door.

I smiled so broadly and my Mum smashed her cheeks on mine as we stretched our hands to make a push on the door, our portal to freedom, but as our hands travelled mid-air, our nerves felt a wave of trembling, the broken door knob pounced on the floor, making such a scary noise, our eyes tracking its every attempt at landing.

The knob rolled on the floor and we watched anxiously as it made it’s journey in-between the legs of my Mum, and as we raised our swollen heads back up, a shadow began to reveal itself, the more we raised our heads, the more it’s roughness and inhumane fierceness spread it’s wings.

Like an old rickety Pendulum Clock, its Pecker dangled in the air, and our eyes embraced doom once again. It was a Naked Man, with blood on his teeth.

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Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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