I could hear my Dad’s pulse beat out loud as the machine beeped irregularly, my Dad was so fat that the Hospital had to strip a Young man who was owing a certain portion of his fees of his Bed, he currently lays on the cold tiled floor while my Dad is spreading his cow legs across three beds with his balls dangling and smooching each other.

Ow, in-case you were wondering where the third bed came from you can ask the Doctor who had to give up the standby bed in his office all in the effort to keep my Dad’s body in equilibrium.

The Room begins to ooze, it stank so much, the nurses by the corridors began to hear echoes. Before my Dad was eventually stabilized, a very large machine had to be brought into the room, unfortunately the regular machine was unable to read his pulse.

I walked up to my Dad and held his hands, my other hand covering my nose almost to the point of suffocation, in my mind I would rather die than keep embracing the stench of my Dad.

I eventually had to give up when I realized that I couldn’t hold my Dad with one hand, I needed my two arms in full capacity to be able to trigger my Dad’s nerves to feel my touch, his head turned the other way, trying to give him a kiss would mean travelling a mile and even the longest Giraffe would need to attempt a full stretch.

It was time for my Dad to shower, the hospital had to make this top priority, sirens buzzing as my Dad rolled through the corridor, even the patients already prepped for surgery had to follow different routes, my Dad as expected found it difficult to pass through the door of the restroom.

The was an energy of spite and resentment from every single one of the 12 nurses that had to escort my Dad, although I couldn’t see about 7 of them, they stood behind my Dad’s back shield, even the doctor thought they had vanished.

“Dad, why don’t you try turning sideways and see if you can enter?” I admonished

“Ow, why didn’t I even think of that” it took my Dad about 2 minutes to make this reply, even his mouth was eventually tired of the nuisance his IQ spilled everywhere.

Three minutes passed and my Dad was still on the journey of turning,

“What the Heck? Even a Trailer can reverse quicker than this into this Restroom!” the Head Doctor was already as impatient as he can professionally be.

My Dad finally made the turn, only to be stopped by his Belly Button, I laughed so hard! I always knew his protruding belly button would hinder him from progress in his life.

In the end my Dad had to travel back to his room and pee in a bottle which was eventually changed to a bucket because of the disturbing size of his bubbling pecker.

Indeed today was going to be a long day, and a really troubling one at that!

We all kept waiting as we watched the night dangling across the ceiling designs, loosing patience, waiting for the minute it will eventually loose its grip and make a heavy fall.

As the night hung in the balance, the Head Doctor stormed in, panting, he had never seen such happen in the lab during testing, my Dad had no sexual masculine hormones, his Libido was no where to be found!

The problem now was worse, not just because his Libido was missing but because we were all wondering what was always dangling in between my Dad’s legs, or is it laps? no one could really tell the difference.

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Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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