Diary Of A Shuku Shaker: Episode 5: Trapped! Catch up with the previous episode via this link: Diary Of A Shuku Shaker! Episode 4: The Kidnap!

Stereotypes (2)

Have you ever been in a situation whereby the state of your hope relies on the total neglect of your morals? This was the dangerous position that Alicia’s mother found herself in as the Man advanced closer towards her beloved daughter about to feast on her innocence.

Her cleavage was so cleavy even legends confessed how it was cleaved by a cleaver in Cleveland!

Ripped open, bridge collapsed, there lay her cleavage majestically bringing her Golden Bosom down low, so low it expressed an incomprehensible amount of humility.

The Man already grabbing her precious stone, her daughter by the nose and squeezing to suffocate her, to weaken the flow of the helpless energy she had left to drain her of her ability to fight back. His hands still squeezing, at this point his muscles were already strangling his nerves and his eyes begging for a blink, begging for a sign of humanity left.

The Man focused on his prey, at this moment a pig would be more human than he is, a loud scream distorts his focus, the cry of a mother came beating and pounding his eardrums and then for a moment, the Man’s neck rotates and he turns and faces my cleaveless mother, like a dog drooling for a bone, he stares at her mammary glands, saliva dripping through his mouth like he had just found his master’s bone.

What a sigh of relief! My Mum was finally able to lure the animal from my territory. Was it too late? I can’t tell, my dignity as a Woman was stripped away forcefully, the Man had already put his fingers into my privacy and breached my wall of pinky sensation. It was like a rodent just took a stroll inside of me and began to take a scrubby shower. My clothes were already torn apart and the cold winds began to caress my brutalized skin.

But I had to be brave, I had to be more than brave, I had to defend my Mother, I had to come to the bitter reality that this wasn’t the time to be consumed with shame and drown in my weakness, this was the time to be my Mother’s Keeper.

Crooked steps, irregular cracks on the floor began to manifest as the Man slowly approached my Mum and just like the Winner of a Marathon, my Mum began to pant, sob, weep and wail for help. Maybe if no human could come to her aid, now was the perfect time for God to prove His worth?

But not even the birds of the air flew to my Mum’s aid, the more she screamed the more every living thing drifted further away from her, leaving her in absolute abandonment.

I rolled over and scanned the whole room, I was so endangered that my eyes began to see in night vision and I could care less of the darkness.

I sprained my neck but kept on scanning, the fragility of my bones was not of any relevance to my current survival and my dear Mum’s safety has a huge role to play in that survival being accomplished.

I kept on searching and as I searched, the Man dragged, he dragged my Mum to his privacy, unzipped open his dingleberry and lifted her up by her breasts. He began to smack her on her behind with the sharpest edge of his belt and the more my Mum screamed out in pain the more he stroked.

My Mum’s pride was almost lost, but as a Mother who succeeded in protecting her beloved daughter from harm, she had a reason to smile amidst the terror she was facing. Her face already wrinkling, it was like she was aging right before my eyes. Her tender lips facing the dangling dingleberry of the Man, tears full of blood rolled down my Mother’s eyes as she received countless slaps on her face from the dingleberry of the Man, behold the reality of a Man, a full fleshed human having the genitals of a savage beast was born right before my eyes.

The only part left to label him a Man resembled a Boomerang battling with acute obesity. My Girliness wanted to steal a laugh from me but my feminism stood its ground and kept be boiling in rage.

With a needle pulled from his sweaty mouth my Mum was pierced deep into her abdomen. The Man twisted and twisted as he kept piercing deeper repeatedly slapping my Mum with his animal clothed protrusion.

At this juncture what angered me the most wasn’t the piercing of my Mum but the fact that she begged while it happened, she was brought to her knees and assaulted while she craved for a chance of confrontation.

Now! Now! not an atom of mercy flowed through my veins anymore, I was going to be ruthless if given the chance, I wanted his heart and even my heart wasn’t going to stop me, never did I know that a day would come when I will have to make the decision of obeying my conscience and I will gladly let go.

“There was brushing in the forest trees outside the wooden windows”

“A voice echoed out”

But not a single meaning could be made out of it, was it “our Helper?” “a Wanderer?” or “the Man’s Animal Friend?”

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Catch up with the previous episode via this link: Diary Of A Shuku Shaker! Episode 4: The Kidnap!

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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