Diary Of A Shuku Shaker! Episode 4: The Kidnap!

Diary Of A Shuku Shaker! Episode 4: The Kidnap! Catch up with Episode 3 : Click this link Diary Of A Shuku Shaker! Episode 3

Shuku Shaker 39

Injured, wounded, bruised, My Mum lay beside a candle, lit up next to her on the dusty half-concreted floor. My eyes still blurry and my feet motionless, if only there was a scorpion beneath my feet, I would have begged for a sting, pain was the only truth serum I needed to confess the incapability of my legs and pour out my loving and caring emotions towards my Mother.

My waist trying to wiggle out from the cellophane chains, it was like I had been pinned down during a lap dance, I felt so useless, I felt like my embodied flawlessness, curviness and shukuness was my worst endowment. The only eye of my abdomen shut blind, my stomach expanding like a Balloon whose handler is fatigued, gassed out. I could hear my beloved mum panting, her silent groans blew like a trumpet in my eardrums, my eyes blurry but the vision of her suffering I could see in ultra HD.

My Mum stares at me, tears drip drop from her eyelids. My Mum is such a strong woman, she is the Rock that holds me firm whenever I’m lost, troubled by the insecurities that threaten our society and human co-habitation. Never have I seen my Mum in such a devastating and broken state. My Mum’s pride, her motherhood, her role as my sole protector was as brittle as a thin layer of clay.

For the first time in my life, I could see completely through my Mum. Her Heart was like a thin patch of glass that I could break through with an echo, the sound of my wailing breath. Her stare transformed into a look, her looking sooner became a glance from a spy and the more she spied, the more I could hear the sound of her cry of immense failure.

I couldn’t bear her pain any longer, I am me, and me is weak, me also has a huge burden to carry, my Mum’s burden was becoming a menace in my troubled mind. I had to let it go for my safety, for my sanity, at no time in my life did my sanity need so much preservation, my sanity had never been this threatened. I could almost hear a voice in my head telling me “I am selfish” for seconds, for minutes, the voice continued, judging me! I started having second thoughts on my decision, I knew that my Mum needed me, she needed an Anchor. But I had to be strong fro her, I had to make this painful decision and for once be her rock, I had to let go of her pain to be her protector.

Now, I could finally speak, it was like my tongue had been lubricated. I dug deep, took a binging breath, I could almost feel my vocal chords play an instrument. Indeed, I spoke out, I said in a very articulated manner, free from all forms of fear; “Mama, it’s gonna be fine, we are going to be alright.”

My Mum looks at me, she weeps and turns her face away, she covers herself in shame, the candle light she blows away, she confides in the darkness to set her free from judgement. She never knew that she would blow away our only source of escape, our only source of conscious hope.

Bang Bang! the wooden door demarcating us from the trivialized weather on the outside is shattered, wind as chilly as ice blows in and we hear footsteps, it was as slow as a spy’s approach but as demanding as a brigadiers march. Finally our eardrums began to function, the silence suddenly fades away and true danger reveals itself. The further the footsteps approached the more the danger magnified and at this point we know we had reached a point of no return.

My mind began racing, my Mum began panting, I could feel her running a marathon. At this point, contradicting thoughts begin to cause a pandemonium in my head, I am faced with a limbo and three choices, to jump over! to go below! or to hug the rod!

Behold the Man stands amidst us, in-between my Mum and I, he majestically takes a balance on the dusty rusty floor. My Mum and I are fully aware of his presence, we are in the most defensive mode we could be in but can you truly defend yourself while in bondage?

He coughs and sneezes and puts his hands on his zipper, he draws it down and pulls out his dingleberry, at this juncture, our hearts begin racing, pumping blood uncontrollably, I could almost feel my heart pound through my rib cage like a prisoner gone haywire. The Man begins to stroke his dingleberry, he stroked it till his garden egg started jingling, sooner or later they begin to kiss and seduce each other and as I kept watching in dismay, I couldn’t stop wondering why the garden eggs weren’t identical twins.

I kept on watching and gradually the rhythm began to slowdown and then all of a sudden there was a great pause and then the Man’s head turned towards my direction like an antenna his face locks in and our eyes jam each other.

Omg! I was so scared! he kept moving forward and gradually reaching my exact position step by step, inch by inch, I was about to scream, not until I heard my Mum pre-jinxing my move, she screamed out so loud. The Man threatened by the “rage of a Mother” turns to my Mother and batters her jawline, he smacks her on the breasts and slams her to the ground, 2-inches beneath where she once lay.

Onward he began to approach me again, this time swinging his rickety belt. My Mum now full of blazing rage but softened by the weakness that comes with an offspring deep down stretches her neck as far as possible almost breaking free from it’s elastic limit and rips open her bloody blouse and bra at the same time, shattering the adorable bridge that linked her golden cleavage together.

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Catch up with Episode 3 : Click this link Diary Of A Shuku Shaker! Episode 3

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