Brain Touch 3

I really, really, wish this Touch was at least a divine one! but it’s far from anything special. On the bright side though, a Brain was touched and not cobwebs!

Whenever you ask a typical Nigerian Man whether he has eaten, he says “Yes” and then when you ask him what? He goes “I don chop like 5 puff-puff, drink cold pure water”.

On a more serious note, a lot of us Nigerians practice this eating habit, including me “winks”. We then tour our filthy roads and inhale all the toxic waste our lungs can get drunk on and marry the ever raging hot sun with very thick sweat covering our pigmented skin.

Mr. Headache then comes knocking and our already exposed brain tries to defend its domain. It calls on the stomach to supply the nutrients it needs to fight this achy stranger, but all the stomach can offer is a couple of very black burnt puff-puff full of decayed oil.

The Lungs staring right at the brain, full of shame. It cannot even fulfil its oat of supplying clean fresh oxygen to the brain. The brain as feeble as ever brings out a very long dusty straw to quickly suck the last water it can find but can’t even get a drop of refreshment because the mighty hot sun has evaporated both the sweat on the skin and the fluid in the liver and kidneys.

The brain then signals the ear and the nostrils for a little bit of air-conditioning, but even the toxic environment won’t let the young Nigerian’s head receive cool breeze and serenity. Now you’re almost running insane, your eyes are red and everyone on the road is shouting at you, themselves and life itself and you haven’t even found a bus yet.

Brain Touch 2

The Average Nigerian is defenceless and suffers almost every single day for just being alive! and as he/she suffers, let’s not forget that the brain will also suffer! After a long day spent with Mr. Headache, you return back to a dark neighbourhood, no light, you turn the taps to the left and to the right, take it up and take it down but not a single drop of water comes out. You can’t even wash your melting burnt face and wipe away the redness from your eyes.

The next day you wake up with a very hot head and you begin to question all the normalities around you, yelling at almost any movable being! You begin to develop a Brain Touch!

And so the cycle continues affecting any Nigerian that dares to hit the crazy streets, the average Nigerian is the most prone, he /she has no form of comfort to shield from this inevitable touch! being alive is already a huge threat to their existence as sane human beings!

With glowing red eyes, exhausted lungs, dry throats, empty stomachs and unflushed anuses, we Nigerians linger everyday not certain of the dubious promises of tomorrow, the supposed alleged “New Day”.

This Write-Up was hugely inspired by this Video! Pls click and watch it! Love You Guys!

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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