Diary Of A Shuku Shaker! Episode 3

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Shuku Shaker 13

Tears still dropping from my eyes like a broken tap beside the beach dripping the salt water of the ocean. It’s 6.45am, the Sun is beckoning, the Cocks crowing, the Cockerels kookooing! my spirit filled with insecurities! as if not enough! I finally gather enough momentum to wiggle off from my ever demanding bed and on hitting a 90° upright position the radar in my Iris picks up a distressing signal!

It was a Man! like an Owl he stood there staring anxiously at and cuddling the tree beside him, he then tightened his grip on the tree, it was like he was trying to squeeze out the life from the tree! I thought nothing else would scare me on this very unfaithful day!

Wait a Minute! I’ve been seeing a shadow around that same tree but I always concluded that it was a big animal, maybe the Neighbours Hungry Dog? As I keep pondering, my sweat glands begin to experience technical difficulties! I began to sweat profusely on a very chilly morning beside the air conditioning system in my room!

It is just dawning on me that I’m being watched! Am I going to be kidnapped? Is it just a Stalker? I have to grab an image! my hands slowly reaching my Binoculars beside the dim lamp next to my bed, I manage to get a grip of the ropes, slowly and consciously I pull, I place my trust and hopes on this rope like I’ve never placed on any male specie, not even my mum! but like everyone in my life betrays me! betrays my feeble trust! the rope untangles itself from the Binoculars, it’s like the manufacturers intentionally designed the rope for this exclusive day and moment!

Like a wrecking ball, the Binoculars skydive to the floor space, now my trust quickly switches side to the ever caring rug! I’m fully aware that at this moment, any wave of sound, talk more of noise will definitely jeopardise my safety!

Don’t you just ask yourself this question sometimes, “Why Me?” like do you ever say it out loud! Why Me! of all the places in my room, the Binoculars chose the only plot of land that my Rug had no jurisdiction over!

Like a new tenant! my Binoculars settled in comfortably on the rocky cemented concrete floor and like “I miss you sex” climaxed the most annoying screams of pounding synthesis!

Sound waves of terror consuming the atmosphere, I quickly relocate to the scene of the accident and contain the echoes! At this point, it’s already too late, the predator should have received the distress signal, even the real Owls were already blinking their eyes!

Quickly I retreat back to my window, in a heartbeat, he is vanished, his shadow already packing his luggage to meet up with his Master! I ponder out loud to myself “If I’m to know what is going on, I better follow this thing in a Cloak”. I reach out for my window, but as I’m about to jump I realize that I’m a human, a slave to the selfish law of gravity, so I quickly apply my common sense and team up with my bedroom door, it was my only route to freedom! As I approach my ever obedient door, my hand travelling mid-air in an attempt to seduce the knob to open, my eyes, very wet at the moment, picks up a very blurry darkness approaching! the darkness wore a cloak! The darkness replicated an identical twin to the predator’s shadow, the darkness stretching its hands mid-air, I could see the nails flapping like the wings of a falcon side by side with a vulture!

Now, at this very moment, my human instinct overrides my emotions and switches my orientation into a protective bodyguard mode, my body injects me with its last available adrenaline shot and pumped up as ever, I grab my pillow!

Wait! What did I just do? I’m no killer of course, so I wasn’t going to drag out a knife or a dagger! but a Pillow! at least I could have filled it with a sack of stones or rocks or something! looks like my adrenaline shot was poisoned with some form of stupidity!

Now, the door knob and the wrinkled darkness merge in a very unholy matrimony and like kinky newly weds they twist in all directions in a bid to reach an equilibrium!

Defenceless! Easy Prey! Conquered! I begin trembling! Shivering! Vibrating like a smartphone that refuses to be kept silent. Ding! my brain finally clicks and this time on its own, without the influence of any adrenaline! I looked down at my feet and realized that I was still wearing my 11 inch heels, thanks to the shameful night I just had, not even a shower could convince me to taking off my clothes!

Like a Ninja! I swiftly cut of the bond between my heels and my legs, I broke the heart of my feet and brought it to stark nakedness, I took away the only pride my ankle had left! I betrayed the sole of my feet! Heels in my strong hand, duhh! my left hand of course! grip tight as an egg roll cuddles its egg. I look once more at my heels and see it glow so gloriously with a bright sparkle consuming the very sharp pointy edge.

As bold as an eagle with high self esteem, I reach out for the door knob and interrupt the conjugal affair my knob seemed to be having with this Stranger! and I pull so hard, almost shifting my elbow, my left hand already warming up its momentum to take its hardest swing ever! my eyes in danger red mode, my feet tip-toed, my waist in its most flexible state ever.

On your marks! set! go! I reach out for a pound of flesh or maybe a pound of darkness! my eyes all of a sudden retreats and my left hand goes into slow motion, my waist as unstable as ever!

“Alicia, where have you been? Your breakfast is already getting cold!” a registered voice match is verified by my eardrums, it is my Mother! I almost slammed my mum in the eye with a heel!

A loud scream and afterwards a pile of vomit is what I get as payback for being racist against shadows. My mum threw up and confused as ever she rushed into the bathroom to clean up her face. My shaky left hand lets go of the heels and the heels obey the law of gravity. My mum! face damp as a kitchen rag walks back to my doorstep “My Baby Girl! what is wrong? tell me, what’s going on?” she says with water dripping from in-between her lips.

More relaxed than ever, I lean back at my door, I have found comfort once more in the arms of my mother! Her hands wrapped around my waist and my lips making a tent on her forehead. The weight of my body resting on her ever accommodating breasts, the same ones I once suckled on for five years after childbirth.

I’m safe! sigh of relief encompass my vocal chords and like fresh minty breath, my mouth voices out, “Mama, I’m alright, I’m just having a terrible week at school, that’s all” “But you almost blinded me!” my mum yelled out!

“Ow, that, I’m sorry, I thought I saw a huge Cat!, you know how sensitive I am around animals, especially the furry ones!” Mum giggles, my sweat glands retreat back into my skin, my mum spreads her arms wide open, gladly I accept the invitation.

But the walls say otherwise! A shadow spread across the wall and opens up something looking like an arm, at this point I should accept the illusion as my Mum’s shadow but my stubborn instincts trigger my doubt card! my eyes enter into Binocular mode and in a twinkle of an eye, I pictured a hand holding what appeared to be a hammer with the hand of a sickle! As I tried to get a clearer vision, the manliness of the hands begin to expose itself and gradually and slowly, like rashes making their way out of a skin, his hairs began to reveal themselves!

At this moment my mum is as loose a guard and a protector as she can be! and swiftly the foreign shadow breezes through the walls, gripping the sickle-hammer as tight as sandwich! and right before my eyes my dear mother slumps, blood in its fatal proportion drips all over the tiles. I attempt a scream for help but my mouth is shut close and a black mist blown into my nostrils by the shadow of darkness.

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Click this link to catch up with Episode 2: Diary of a Shuku Shaker-Episode 2

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.


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