The Chess Game: Buhari And Boko Haram; Who Is The Pawn?

Chess 2

First of all, I always thought that every federal government should have a firm stand against negotiating with Terrorists, or at least some Countries, Nigeria hopefully among these few. I’m still shocked how insecurity reached this level, how did we get to constantly stoop so low to the pitiful level of conducting huge money transactions with Boko Haram, under the guise of negotiating for peace.

All these! Is the peace going to last? Definitely not! like a poisonous leach , these insurgents will keep drawing more blood.

Now, let us draw more blood from this issue by assessing Buhari and his government’s recent acts and involvements with Boko Haram Negotiations.

Chibok Girls Release; Who Is The Pawn?

Vote for Buhari! Vote for Change! I will bring back the Chibok Girls! All these promises! We were never briefed that the same terrorists will be paid millions of dollars and their masterminds released and exchanged for some Chibok Girls, why not at least all of them!

Freeing terrorists and paying them is punishable by life imprisonment. “(Ref. The Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011 and Amendment Bill of 2012 with Amendments to Section 17)”.

Sahara Reporters broke out the story of the very important deal with the heavy cash payment to the Terrorists and the Wall Street Journal on May 6th of 2017 confirmed with the shocking details; “Inside the Trucks sat five captured fighters, freshly extracted from Prison, the first piece of the government’s proposed bargain. In a separate vehicle, according to the people involved in the deal, a security detail guarded Nigeria’s principal concession on the Islamist terror group, a black duffel bag containing €2 million in plastic wrapped cash”.

According to the Story published by the Wall Street Journal there were two bags of cash totalling a secret ransom of €3 million that the Nigerian government paid for to free some of the kidnapped schoolgirls.

President Buhari himself has told the African Union why terrorists should not be paid while continuing to pay and free Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria. These actions from the President may create more difficulties in future because it poses as an encouragement for terror and the Dapchi and future abductions as a very profitable and convenient way for terrorists and other aspiring terror and kidnap groups to earn cool cash and hit the jackpot across the nation and in the years to come.

Ahmed Abdullahi, a former State Director of the Department of Security Service (DSS) in Borno for about six years until he left in 2015, tagged the recent negotiations with the terrorists as a major wrongdoing in the war against Boko Haram.

“I used to think that Nigeria and her multiple problems were a headache for all of us; not anymore”, said Abdullahi.

Abdullahi pointed out the fact that other countries with similar but milder terror problems are meting out equal punishments including death to terror suspects in custody but in Nigeria we trade them by releasing Boko Haram suspects.

Abdullahi during his time as the Director of DSS in Borno not only personally led operations that brought about the arrest of top Boko Haram Kingpins but is also an establishing agent for what is currently known as Civilian -JTF. He said he weeps seeing how the gains of such efforts are being wasted by the current managers of the Country’s Security.

He said that over 400 Boko Haram suspects in Kainji Detention Facility were released by a local court in the area recently. “Is this how the war will be won? Almost all the commanders in the DSS custody – dreaded criminals that we risked our lives to apprehend over the years – have been evacuated and traded under the guise of securing the release of Chibok Girls”.

He said that the recent kidnappings by Boko Haram are another avenue cheaply given to the Boko Haram commanders to generate more cash in hard currencies from the federal government which the insurgents could use to further arm themselves.

“Dapchi Girls, will further fetch more Euros to the current callous commanders of Boko Haram and security managers who have no sincerity of purpose” said Abdullahi.

Even another expert , Kabiru Adamu, a security risk consultant to some of the UN organizations working in the North-East and Chief Executive of Beacon Security, blamed the Nigerian government for “unwittingly” allowing a degraded Boko Harm to regroup by indirectly giving them oxygen to breath.

Can Corruption Stand A Chance Of Eradication! When We Keep Paying Terrorists?

When $6 million is paid to terrorists (Boko Haram) let us note that the total amount taken from the nation’s coffers could be four times the amount, $24 million is likely to have been released by the NSA (National Security Adviser), of which government officials involved in the negotiations pocket some for politics, negotiators pocket some and involved international organizations also pocket their cut, with the $6 million remaining finally arriving the terrorist’s truck.

The exact amount of money paid by the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai to Fulani terrorists as he announced, is still not known till date.

Let us not forget that this money could go be going a long way in funding the current menace of these armed herdsmen terror nationwide which has cost Nigeria a lot, in addition to hundreds of lives (if not thousands) and billions in property lost!

Payments to terrorists do not only finance their future terror and encourage an environment of terror but it serves as an avenue for looting the National Treasury and the secrecy of these deals makes it impossible to know the entire risk, damage to the nation in such shady government deals.

We Have To End These Deals!

The more Nigeria keeps participating in these foreign agency plat-formed negotiations, the more we keep loosing our grip on the State of Security and allowing these insurgents grow into a stronger Cabal.

No more freeing of Boko Haram’s deadly terrorists! No more kingpin swaps! This is the time that our anti-terrorism stance as a Nation is crucial to us.

Future abductions should be prevented by responding appropriately and swiftly by Land, Sea and Air within hours of reports and not relying on paying secret ransoms.

In fighting a crime, the first 48 hours are most important, Nigerian Security Agencies should adhere to this fact. We are currently four years from the Chibok Girls Disaster and during these four years there have been a significant advancement in technology worldwide and four years of more time to seal our very porous borders and effectively tackle and win Boko Haram but Nigeria is still where it was four years ago. Like Jonathan, Buhari has not yet arrested a single sponsor of Boko Haram. These things must change!

Pls read this article by Dr. Perry Brimah, it gives details of the role of the French Geneva Red Cross and local negotiators in the dirty deal and examined how the previous Jonathan Government had on principle refused such dangerous and destructive deals to pay Boko Haram Terrorists. Just Click This Link Dear: Intricate Details of Buhari’s Deal with Boko Haram

Also See: PremiumTimes for more expert opinions.

Plus See: El-Rufai’s Fulani Herdsmen Deal

Information on this Article sourced from: SaharaReporters and PremiumTimesNg

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.


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