Diary Of A Shuku Shaker!

Shuku Shaker 10
Episode 2 “Click this link to read Episode 1”: Diary of a Shuku Shaker-Episode 1
Bounce it! Bounce it! I’m about to throw a couple thousands! That is all the melody and voice stream my antenna also known as Ears picked up from this messy student parade that we all cloned as a get-together to our parents and to ourselves probably, I mean! We should have the power of deceiving our minds, shouldn’t we?

Shuku Shaker 6
Anyways, thoughts flying in my head in the very same corner I randomly specifically picked to act as my emotional and disgust wall shielding me from all the overrated vibes of the occasion or could I call it a virus! I mean! It always quickly affected almost everyone who inhaled fresh air, or should I just stick to the word “oxygen” after all the air wasn’t all that fresh, if you know what I mean!

Shuku Shaker 25
So, as my Train of Thoughts gassed through my cognitive railway, a very smelly pair of lips opened up a chain reaction beside my nostrils releasing highly toxic anti-cognitive air-borne elements, totally distorting my rosy thoughts. Believe me when I say that I literally saw an Iceberg in the middle of the rail lines burst through my locomotive thoughts.

Shuku Shaker 41
Using the word “Iceberg”, you will expect the person to be my prince charming, but nah! He was like a Huge Shrek from Wakanda, or did I mean Gbagada! Drowsy on cheap alcohol with very milky hands on my shoulder, jerking my collar bones with such rare masculinity and before I knew what was happening, a batch of blurry sound waves flow through my ears, as I try to decode the message, I hear, “I never knew Angels were Busty! Or are there just too much Fruits to eat in Heaven? I’m still trying to process this! and I hear a remix, Girl, I will love to hit it with you on the dance floor.

Shuku Shaker 23
The Dance Floor? But I see no Dance Floor? Could it be the Bedroom? Oh my! What? I’m still pondering, when he drags me so tender but swift and spins me 720° in the most romantic of ways, I almost felt like I was on set of a La La Land Movie! He turns his head 180° to my horizon and offers me this Macho smile on a platter of white teeth, it was bad guy, but it sure made me feel safe and believe me when I say “I felt safe” and for some reason I ignored his very Scary Spikey hairstyle, something I would never ignore even at a Burial!

Shuku Shaker 33
We take two uniform steps and within a half of a second, his iron hands grab my elastic waist, Oh my! Electric waves flowed down my spine and at this exact moment, I was sure nothing bad would happen to me at this late-night party, I began to feel confident with the people around me, and I whipped my hair back and forth in delight.

Shuku Shaker 8
The two of us, just the two of us in the room, or at least in the room in my mind or is it head? His right leg takes two steps backward and my brain tunes into salsa mode, my legs enter copycat mode, my left leg switches gear and attempts a two step forward move, but there was an interruption! It seemed as if it wasn’t only my legs that moved forward, for some reason my nerves were picking up a predatory signal around my waist region. Oh My Gosh! It was Him! What a Bastard!

Shuku Shaker 16
Like a Hyena reaching in to steal a Lion’s Pride, this male specie did it, he stole my pride, my pride was lost! His hand wrapped round my bouncy behind, as if that was not enough, he began squeezing, squeezing them like a new born baby squeezes his mother’s mammary glands when faced with hunger, or is it just greed? I don’t know!

Shuku Shaker 15

At this point, nobody needs to tell my Brain to switch into War Zone, Grade as much as possible military weapons mode, my hands taking the baton from my very ashamed legs reached out for a heavy sounding slap all over his cheeks, but come to think of it, my legs would have done a better job with his very timid and unsafe balls or is it nutsack?

Shuku Shaker 43
My hands still air-borne about to take a bumpy landing on the very cheeky runway suddenly miscalculate the co-ordinates, I am still wondering what is going on, when my whole body takes on a heavy jolt upwards, so high upwards that my hands can no longer reach his Scanty Scalp. Oh No! You Didn’t! You Dirty Bastard! He lifted me up and threw me on the next-door couch, loosened his rusty belt and reached in for my face,

Shuku Shaker 40

my body trembling, I could feel the vibration in my bone marrow, it was like my eyes were going to bleed, at this point my heart was already pumping blood like an ordinary fluid, I waited for my adrenaline to kick in but it seemed by body decided to fail me once more,

Shuku Shaker 29

not until my legs very confident as ever, also reached in for his nutsack and re-arranged the stack of balls and carried the rest of my very feeble body through the nearest available air-space linking to the exit door and zoom!


I found myself crying, sobbing deeply, sobbing passionately on my lonely walk of shame to my residence. “Click this link to read Episode 1”: Diary of a Shuku Shaker-Episode 1


Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.


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