Diary Of A Shuku Shaker!

Episode 1

Shuku Shaker 2

My Name is Alicia and I’m a Shuku Shaker. When it all started, you know! I mean! This Journey! It wasn’t all figured out, I even still had those moments when I would call my Mum at Midnight, waking her up from her late-night drools and crying or as some might say “Pouring out my Heart to Her”. She once told me that the gene, the vibe didn’t run through my bloodline and that it wouldn’t even suit my human anatomy, my modification or as some might say, God’s Design!

But sometimes in my silent moments on those chilly silent nights I ask myself could it actually and truly, just be God’s Design that I carry an earthquake with me every-time I take a step, that I magnet human eyes anytime I bend down to pick up my pen. I mean, for real I do my best, I wear the longest of skirts and the shortest of trousers, I wear gowns that could make me an instant bride if sewn white, the mirror has never seen my cleavage with its own eyes.

Shuku Shaker 3

I even go as far as putting on wrappers to buy groceries around my enclosed street but yet its like there is always an Assembly line of Kindergarten Students marching behind me, even the traffic lights turn red when I turn for a cross, like as if all of a sudden, the road users just took their seats in a Broadway Show.

What if I was intentionally created this way? What if my edges and curves that are always and liberally flaunting themselves was all a part of God’s Design? What if Heaven smiles at me whenever I take a step knowing that I am a beautifully made creature who just got moulded from the part of the dough that contained the most yeast?

What if am just as equal as anyone else and shouldn’t be tagged by putting my body features as priority? What if flaunting my natural embodied prowess is just as virtuous and as glorious as flaunting my natural intelligence and Heartfelt morals and values, so far I always put the two flaunts in sync and let my head guide my skin and my blend?
What if flaunting, just adds to my feminism and makes it shine bright?

Shuku Shaker 4

What if flaunting is just something that can’t be covered or stopped? Maybe it was even intended by God? What if body sizes and shapes are just an illusion to all men and women? What if all kinds of body shapes and sizes are an exact unique flaunt of their own, blended with heavenly expertise to suit the character of the female in the rightest proportion?

What if God created all females just to flaunt their uniqueness internally and flowing through, radiating externally? What if I’m a Shuku Shaker? What if I was created by Heaven a Shuku Shaker? What if every and every single female on this earth and beyond is a Shuku Shaker? You know what they all say, that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!


Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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