Are Escorts really different from Sex Workers?

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Believe it or not, there are Escort Services in Nigeria. You may have never seen them before but they do exist, not in fantasy land but in real life. Escort Services, is now being sugar-coated in today’s society. Many of us, overlook the fact that this line of partial employment is simply just another stream of prostitution (you must not live in a brothel, to become a prostitute!).
Like for real, who would be comfortable with his/her child being an Escort? Some people use the harsh economic situations in the Country to support the participants of this morally and humanly degrading job. As far as I know, the refuse packing industry still needs workers, many big factories could use a hand? So if your only blame is on life treating you unfairly and not giving you the comfort you supposedly feel you deserve, then I think the best thing to do, is to put those hands and whichever IQ you have left to productive use.
A very popular website in Nigeria named “Codedruns” is already a big player in this industry and acts as a very lucrative platform for many Nigerian Sex Workers who want to evolve in their prostitution. This online escort directory provides both men and women with partners of opposite sex on demand, with just a few clicks and payment scans. Codedruns revealed that the site receives 1.9 million visitors from Nigeria monthly. By far the biggest escort directory in the country, the ease of ordering an escort is just like Taxify and Uber complete with a review system.
Many Nigerian Sex Workers are now switching to this mode of “runs”, they claim that it is more convenient than standing by the roadside under the hot sun and cold nights hustling for customers. The website, they say saves them all that time and stress as they can just receive messages online now from customers and negotiate costs right on the spot. They say that clients are very compliant gentlemen although a few stubborn ones who cut down on agreed price still persists. Hotels and private residences are the most favourable locations according to the escorts and on some occasions, the client can visit their domain depending on the agreement.
Sex workers on Codedruns can make as much as N150,000 to N250,000 per week as escorts on the site and the website also have check in procedures that can warn members of blacklisted “osho free” clients as well as dubious escorts. Escort members are even able to pay for premium packages between N5,000 and N7,000 to ensure their profiles make the front page and keep raking in more clients. Queen, an escort registered on Codedruns, revealed that she used to be a banker but resigned. “I used to earn forty thousand naira monthly at the bank, but now I make that amount in two days as an escort on the site. The secret is to ensure your profile is on the front page by subscribing to the weekly premium service.” she said, sourced from Vanguard News.
Honestly speaking, I really do not know why an Escort Business will be booming in Nigeria even under this harsh economic meltdown and let’s not even forget the many blood and money rituals plus serial kidnappings that go on everyday. Many innovative start ups spring up, but don’t even get to see the light of the next day and yet degrading businesses like this still blossom in the same country that everybody is complaining “there is no money”. If only these members that patronize all these sites can put that money into good use by supporting their fellow man’s clean and legit business/hustle. I know we all make mistakes, so I cannot condemn any of the clients or escorts, but what we should never tolerate is the repeated and continuous patronizing, luring of innocent young people and sex selling in the country, we should learn from our mistakes and move forward in a newly transformed positive direction. Let us bring out our conscience from wherever we imprisoned it and put it to virtuous use.

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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  1. Oh my. This write up is so true. Most girls I know don’t even mind sleeping with yahoo boys. I recall a cinder Saturn I had with my friend when she told me all she’s looking for is yahoo boys. Despite the warnings on Twitter, instagram, newspaper of them stealing destiny, killing, kidnapping and using girls for ritual. But now everybody wants to make money. Even a student of age 18, what exactly do you need over 200,000 for?. But because they’re carried away by the things of the world. They want to wear the most expensive and look flashy. They’re ready to go extra lengths, including been an escort


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