Why can’t Nigerians plait the African styles and forget those Western Wigs?

Nigerian Hairstyle 9
We keep saying we are proud of being Africans but yet we cover our heads with all sorts of foreign styles. We need to find true class in flaunting our African braids and Hairstyles before they become extinct. Remember, its only us that can rep these hairstyles and make it appealing to the rest of the world, nobody else can do it for us. Not also forgetting, the benefits these actions will bring, in the sense that, we are the only ones that can plait these hairstyles in the most professional way. Those Brazilian, Peruvian, human hair and wigs aren’t ours and can never be flaunted by us in the most beautiful of ways and in true elegance.

The Westerners are always going to rock it better, floss it better, curl it better, flex and whip it way better than us, and that is the bitter truth. Your look in their make-up styles and hairstyles is always going come in at second place and as second hand, that is why Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce will keep glamming on us, we haven’t yet discovered the trendiness and fashion culture in which our African beauty can blossom and even if we have discovered it yet, we are not sufficiently representing it. It even gets worse by the day, even when a very beautiful lady, decides to rock her traditional hairstyle, she is looked upon as a financially down female, who is not well taken care of.

Some people or a lot of us say that our Hairdressers should go and learn the trade well, but maybe if we patronized them more, they would get better and even more sophisticated at it and get economically and financially buoyant and powerful at the trade to contend with the rest of the world. Let’s not forget that if progress like this happens, there would be automatic reflection in our lives, there would be more jobs, fashion lines and fashion innovation that will bring the rest of the world closer, licking their trendy taste buds to our fabrics and hair products.

Why can’t the American youths look up to our celebs for fashion trends and tips, although it may happen, it’s really not on a huge scale when compared with the way our youths go crazy for their (international stars) own trends and style culture. Of course, they can never! and the reason is simple, we borrowed our styles! You cannot be richer than the bank you keep borrowing money from, can you? No wonder whenever our celebs try to pull off a new fashion stunt, they are always pitifully compared with their counterparts abroad e.g. USA, England (Tiwa Savage constantly seen by fans as imitating Beyonce, Seyi Shay who is usually compared to Rihanna and many more). They may not even be consciously trying to imitate them, but it is just the cross you have to carry when you don’t dress in a unique way as regards to your roots. Of course, the likes of Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay and the many more of them may be representing the culture in their own way, but the truth is that they need to do more (there is a lot of room for improvement, there is still a gap that they can fill concerning their representation of the true Nigerian Fashion Culture). You can never hear that Kylie Jenner or Rihanna is imitating our own Artistes, this will only happen when they start making moves on dressing in our traditional attires and plaiting our local Hair Styles.

No one, and I repeat no one, can plait Nigerian Hair like a Nigerian Hair Dresser and no on can flaunt Nigerian Hair, like a Nigerian. The more we keep supporting and patronizing our fashion crafts, the more we keep evolving in beauty trends and styles, we can’t achieve this by condemning our fashion practices as old or obsolete. Let us redefine our elegance and make it very unique and deeply rooted In our truly African Nigerian fashion culture. Only then can we start talking about, blending it with the rest of the world. The eyes of the world cannot come looking for us, when we keep borrowing trends and innovation, the world can only look up to us when we majestically flaunt our own societal trends in sync with our nativity and breathe a fragment of international spice on it.

We better be quick, before they start doing our styles better than us!


Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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