The Movie Titles are just insane. The Covers can’t get worse than it is.

Naija Movie 1

Who is Drake and who is Meek, let me leave you all to figure that out. On second thought, any of you see Nicki? I’ve been looking for her!

Naija movie 3

This Cover alone can cause another Ebola Epidemic!

Naija movies 12

If only the Real Don Jazzy was loaded with this much Swagger!

Don Jazzy

Please we are in dire need of some very observant Judges!

Naija movie 10

How can Satan be in trouble? Is he not already burning in Hell Fire?

Naija movie 4

These are the atrocities that would not let the Legend Tupac to Rest in Perfect Peace!

Naija movie 12

Am I the only one wondering if this Bra is physical or spiritual!

Naija movie 9

Dinner is served, Bon Appetit!

Naija movie 13

Did they ban the word “Mermaids” from the Dictionary? Hmmmm, Just wondering.

Naija Movies 18

They could have just briefed us on the first run, to avoid confusion. I’m just saying.

The Walking Dead 4

Ok, I think I’ve seen enough for one day.

Naija Movie 2

Sorry, but we were not informed that the other games were cancelled. So its just one game that we will watch for over an hour, without any food? Not me and you.

Naija movie 8

If its not all the Lassa Fever Rats that you’re terminating, then I really don’t know why you’re a Terminator. Pls, why do we even need more than one Terminator, the one on green cap is enough for the mission!

Naija movies 15

I think its high time we call our President to save us from this mess! Oga Buhari, where are you?

Naija movies 14

I am here my fellow Nigerian! Be not afraid! It is I your honourable President!

Naija movie 6

All I see is Ken 10 and not Ben 10, you guys should please help me carry Kenneth-10 away from this photo shoot.

Naija movies 13

Now you know who tell to buy you this Year’s Christmas Chicken

Spider Man, I think the time is ripe for you to come back home, and pick a wife who will love you for the Spider you are!

Naija movies 17

I really don’t know the difference between this Batman and the Real Satan “Lucifer”.

Naija movie 7

Now this is a movie I will love to watch with my Generator on, cuz a lot of Crude Oil “Petrol” will have to be put to good use that day, loooool!

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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