If Donald Trump was the President of Nigeria?


          He would have to develop hatred for Golf: Nigeria lacks any professional golf course, so poor Donald Trump will have to give up his love for the sport.

Trump 11


          Aso Rock will be transformed into a Brand-New Trump Tower.


          Nigeria will finally have an operational Missile.


          SARS will be sent to North Korea to warn Kim Jong Un.

SARS 1Kim Jong


          Nnamdi Kanu will relocate to North Korea.


          Port-Harcourt will be renamed Trump Port: A shipping destination where Donald will be conducting his Business Transactions.


          Our N1000 note will be reprinted with Vladmir Putins face to strengthen our relationship with Russia.


          All made in China products will be banned from Aba Market.


          The shall be a Ban on “last price” i.e when you’re doing bend down select, don’t even bother to ask “Oga how much last? looooooool!”.

Bend down select 3Bend down select 5


          All the Agege Bread Sellers will start Modelling.


          There will be more jobs created, we got to give him that one sha, the dude is a certified business man.




Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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