Buha 7

–          There would have been a Lassa Fever outbreak, cuz Buhari would have carried some Rats with him during his flight to the US.

Rat 1

–          He would commission the renovation of the White House to the Black House.

–          All the Tuxedos in the White House will be burned to create space for his signature white gown.

Buha 10

–          Fox news will be banned from operation (they will be watching his activities too much, loooool).

–          There will be a doubling on the amount of Microphones during the Presidential Speech, to grab his voice and speech audibly.

Mic 3

–          Linda Ikeji would have moved to Washington D.C

Lin 1

–          Sahara Reporters would relocate their Headquarters back to Nigeria.

–          New York would be renamed to New Yoke due to the economic oppression that his government will introduce.

–          Santa Clause would be banned due to shortage of fuel to power his Reindeers and Sleigh.

–          Tourists would be banned from the front of the White House, cuz the land would be used by his Cattle for grazing.

–           He would always be missing on the fourth of July.

4 of juls

–          They would have removed him after a month in office.

Buha 6

–          Bobrisky will be Minister of Women Affairs.

bob 2

–          Speed Darlington will be Minister of Interior Decorations.  

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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