As Africans, As Blacks, As Nigerian’s (one of the Blackest Blacks) one would expect us to have at least 70% of the medals at the Olympics, (as in, come on, we all look so rigid and fierce before the start of any event).
Nigeria has always struggled in almost every Olympic Games, just to at least get a Medal (talk less of a Golden one oooh!).

There are so many Olympic Sports that we never even qualify for e.g Swimming (upon all the Mami Water you will be seeing in your Village streams, plus the ones that used to look for romance in the running rivers and the Warri Shark Men that have the fish guts to swim inside Crude Oil and even hunt for treasures in the Creeks, Haha! It’s just a pity that their Brains is not among “the Treasures”!)

Shooting (but yet we have our fellow Igbo Hunters who can kill a goat standing on Third Mainland Bridge from an Aba Market Second hand shop (Okirika) ) plus the experienced ones that have started shooting the Witches and Wizards, I mean those evil “Mosquitoes” that can suck all the fluid from your Wife’s Punani Sef. No wonder one man in my Village was chasing one Mosquito that slept with his Wife, we all taught he was Crazy, a very sad story cuz the Man never found his way back to the village.

Gymnastics (upon all the Masquerades that gallop during the festivals, even during Yam Festivals, they will be jumping and rolling up and down like students on double promotion. They can even do pole vault in Warri, as in, these Guys use Ladders, to jump over NEPA Poles whenever they are cutting the light.
CCCSkateboarding, have you ever wondered why we don’t have skateboarders in this Country. For crying out loud we have our Conductors who even use things as big as buses and lorries, to swerve stylishly around the roads and even expressways. These guys can jump anywhere and stand gidigba! I’m still always shocked how they are able to balance their legs on the ground while the bus is still in motion, its Amazing (the day I tried it in a Keke, my body almost left my foot, as in my foot was like CD manhandled by a stressed-out DJ).
What is the problem?

This is a very simple question, Nigeria as we have observed on a daily basis is a dream killer. Nigeria prefers you cut wood than to produce wood, Nigeria prefers you mend a cloth than design your own from scratch, Nigeria prefers you copy or duplicate other brands than for you to have your own signature brand. This is a terrible line of thought deeply rooted in the Nigerian society and culture, and believe me when I say that this Ideology now stains even our subconscious thinking.

The only way out is to man up/woman up against the regular Nigerian adult who thinks you’re born to be an apprentice and be “the Boss (the very humble CEO “winks”) cuz with innovation you can cross borders with your voice, even tho its cracking like Naija Pirated Home Video or not looooooooool.

Written by Stephen Uba

I am the Pot of Beans behind Waterybeans.Com.

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